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updated 1-28-2017

Only a one litter of KITTENS!!!
 Minnie Mouse and Sampson; 5! Born 11-12-16!!!


'Wildly entertaining'
doesn't begin to describe these awesome felines!!! 

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The focus of my program is an attempt to stay true to the original REFR Desert Lynx...Concentrating on body type and disposition.  The bobcat look!!! Eventually working into kittens that look like a mixture of white tiger, snow leopard, and bobcat...(plus polydactly). All rolled onto one FANTASTIC COMPANION! 
ALL my cats are members of the family!  I do not keep or raise any of them in cages!  Love and attention are essential to raising healthy happy kitties!  
CCC Ruby Slippers (REFR)
She came to me as a gift from a friend.  I soon discovered that the charisma and larger than life character I believed  was unique to my 'Chunky Monkey'  is actually the personality of the breed. I absolutely fell in love with everything about her. 
She has Amazing Grace, R&R, and Timberline bloodlines. 
China Doll and Samantha are her daughters!
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Please remember your local animal shelters and rescue organizations. 
Wild Bobcat                                               CCC Casanova 'Reeves'
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