crab creek desert lynx - wildly exotic lap cats
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CCCs Ruby Slippers (REFR) came to me three years ago, a gift from a friend.  I absolutely fell in love with everything about her. 
I soon discovered that the charisma and larger than life character I believed  was unique to my 'Chunky Monkey'  is actually the personality of the breed. 
This beauty is Samantha from Ruby's first litter.  She lives with Mike in Brevard. She loves to play fetch in mid air.
Ruby's grandfather, on the dam's side, was  'God's Own Bob of Amazing Grace'(deceased). REFR Stud Book registered as BCT!!! If you aren't sure what BCT means check out the Rare and Exotic Feline Registry.  Her dam was Amazing Grace R&R Tabitha.
I'm still trying to track down the Timberline ancestry.  Ruby's sire was Timberline's Skylar. (REFR- ALP SB)
*The father of this latest litter is out of Valentina, another daughter of Tabitha. (Ruby's half sister and also a granddaughter of 'BOB')
I have been blessed with a special girl.  Ruby faithfully passed down the conformation and color of the Desert Lynx as well as an extra dose of that purrsonality that I love so much.  These cats also have a wide range of really cool vocals.
Wild Bobcat
I have a vision of a snow leopard, a white tiger, and a bobcat all rolled into one exceptional pet with the size and disposition I adore. 
**There is a VERY special Desert Lynx king coming into my home in the not too distant future!!! Stay tuned for further news.
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